MLK Day, Making A Difference, and A Bit of Recognition

Sweetie Pies, I’ve spent the majority of the day reflecting on the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — how he not only used his words, but his leadership skills and action, which caused others to act and positive change to take place. I’ve been re-reading Letter from Birmingham Jail, and I am just as captivated as I was the first time I read it as a college freshman. If you did not do so today, please take some time throughout the course of the year to honor Dr. King with your scholarship and service to the work that still needs to be done in this country. This is so much more than a day to get 50% off of towels and sheets (yep, that was a real ad!).

Last night, my bloggy friend Paula selected me as one of her Versatile Blogger Award recipients. This is my blog’s very first award, and I am so honored to have received it from someone whose blog is so witty, fun, and always just enough. Please make sure you check out her blog. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Now, from what I understand, acceptance of this award requires me to do two things — pass the award forward to seven other “versatile” bloggers and tell my readers seven little known things about myself. Tonight I’ll give you my seven choices. Tomorrow night, I’ll tell you secrets about myself. [SPOILER ALERT: Not at all juicy.]

Here are my picks to receive this award, in no particular order:

Chris Cocca — The Daily Cocca — I think of Chris as a modern-day renaissance man. He’s a Yale Divinity School graduate and just received his MFA in Creative Writing from The New School. He writes about God, justice, community activism, baseball, and the environment in a way that makes one think she can meet him at the pub for a beer and a great conversation.

K — O to the No — K is a twenty-something who is navigating her way through all the wonder and angst of living in a new city (Ottawa) and creating her adult identity. She’s a writer, an extraordinary baker (every recipe I’ve attempted from her has been very successful in my house), has a positive outlook, and is very grounded.

Jimmetta Carpenter — Write2Be — In case you haven’t guessed, this is the oft-mentioned Ms. J. In addition to being my friend since college, she is also a gifted and prolific writer. She is determined and relentless not only in her quest to become a great writer, but also in her committment to helping other writers avoid the pitfalls she has encountered in the writing and publishing process.

Andreana Thomas — The Mic Check — Andreana is a music critic who has introduced me to some wonderful musicians in a wide range of genres. I have always found her reviews to be spot on. She studies, lives, and breathes music, and it shows. Andreana is definitely not a one-trick pony, and I believe this ensures that she will be in this industry for a very long time.

Kelly — why’d i come in here? — Kelly is so amazingly talented. I just started following her blog, but I really love her art and craftwork, as well as her entertaining and light-hearted style of writing. I always look forward to receiving a post from her, and I have never been disappointed.

David Kanigan — Lead.Learn.Live. — I wake up to David’s insightful posts every morning, and after I read them, I feel ready to make strides in my business and take over the world. David’s motivational style is precisely what is missing from so many corporations today, and why they are failing. I encourage all of my Sweetie Pie Hustlepreneurs to follow David. He will help you to help your business.

Lindsey Tigar — Confessions of a Love Addict — Lindsey is a writer/editor who is making her mark in NYC. She is the ultimate professional, a lady that all the other ladies envy and love at the same time, and she’s breaking herself away from the idea that having a man completes her. For 2012, Lindsey has a great challenge for her readers that I strongly encourage the ladies to join. I have, and you can look forward to my first posts regarding her challenge next month.

Tomorrow night, Part Two of the process. Stay tuned!

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