Seven Things You Might Not Know About…Me

Oh, and I loved Barbie as a kid.

Okay Sweetie Pies, I’m fulfilling the second part of my obligation as a recipient of a Versatile Blogger Award by telling you seven little-known things about myself.

1. In high school, I was extremely involved in my choir and with music in general. Our choir won several national championships and was even selected to represent North Carolina in Europe for the 50th anniversary of the ending of WWII (a wonderful trip). I attended NC Governor’s School in Choral Music, was a member of the All-State Choir, and a soloist in the NC Honors Chorus, and was one of four seniors in the state to be a part of the Honors Chorus all four years of high school.

2. I think everyone knows that my college major was English (with a concentration in Creative Writing), but my first major was Economics. I had a wonderful Economics professor who set me straight before I turned into someone I wouldn’t recognize. Blame Dr. Kelly for this whole writing thing. He put it in motion.

3. I attended two colleges. I started out at Duke University, and my dad was happy to pay the ridiculous tuition for an Economics studying, corporate law bound daughter, but was far less enthused to pay that staggering amount when said daughter came home on break to announce that her new ambition was to write the great American novel. Subsequently, I transferred to Morgan State University, my grandmother’s alma mater (also an English major), where I received a wonderful education, met fantastic friends, met the man who would make me a mother, and really learned how to have the courage to demand what I wanted out of life. I really love both of my schools.

4. While at Duke, I sang in an a cappella group called Lady Blue. I recorded two CDs with them, and turned down an offer to sing with the prestigious Duke University Chapel Choir in order to round out the bottom (and sing a couple of solos) of an all-voices group that sang pop hits. I still keep in touch with some of the members, and I can’t wait for our anniversary weekend in March! Being a part of Lady Blue was one of the best decisions I ever made.

5.  I have dyed my hair almost every color of the rainbow. I’ve worn wigs, weaves, ponytails, braids, relaxers, Afros, and twists. I still haven’t quite decided what I want to do with my hair yet, but when I do I’ll be sure to blog about it.

6. I have known that I wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was six years old. That was the first time I heard someone refer to my dad as the boss, and I thought it was so cool. I’ve researched every great founder and CEO, starting with Donald Trump’s Art of the Deal when I was ten. I’ve definitely modified some of my capitalistic ambitions as I’ve worked to build a business that produces creativity and profit, but I am relentless about becoming the best leader that I can be.

7. This is first blog that I’ve actually managed to keep up. Years ago, I had a blog called Woman In Progress that could have been good if I had made it more of a priority. I always found an excuse not to write, and then I’d get bummed out because I had no readers and no content. I do get a little discouraged sometimes when I see someone with 300,000 hits and 8,000 followers in six months, but I know that I’m building a solid foundation with Sweetie Pie. The readers will come. I just have to keep writing.

4 thoughts on “Seven Things You Might Not Know About…Me

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  2. Never give up. I remember getting excited when I hit 100 views in a day. The first milestones (like a blogging award) are the sweetest.

    I like your southern drawal. LOL

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