The Peel-Off (Part 5): Prostitute

Sweetie Pies, for the rest of this week I’ll be writing about removing the labels we place on ourselves and others in order for us to move forward and live the PIE life.

Take up a harp, walk through the city, you forgotten prostitute; play the harp well, sing many a song,  so that you will be remembered. (Is 23:16)

Go ahead and tell yourself that this label is not yours. This is the one that could not, would not, no way can be you. You respect your body. You are not easily led into beds by people who don’t care about you, and you certainly don’t have sex for money. And you also don’t prostitute your intelligence, talents and gifts in ways that get you out of a quick bind, but are crass and unbecoming. Wait — did you just find that label? This is a tricky one because it’s hidden under a lot of bravado and appearance. It does not want to be found.

I have no idea what people have done in the past just to get by. And I’m not judging. I have definitely done some things I’m not proud of in order to keep the lights on and the rent paid. I may not have exchanged sex for money, but I have exchanged integrity for it. More than once. And chances are, someone reading this has done the same thing.

People automatically think of sex when they see the word prostitute because it is so salacious. Christian or not, we all like a good peep show. But consider sex as a stand-in for other precious gifts we trade for the false prophet of profit. Just look at Tv. How many shows are using the talents of writers, the beauty and skill of actors, and the labor of the crew to showcase profanity and negative stereotypes? How many blogs have you come across that showcase talented writers publishing destructive, devastating words? Everytime we take the best part of ourselves and defile it for instant gratification, we are wearing that label. Prostitution is really among us regular folks, Sweetie Pies.

We have to humble ourselves in order to get to this label. Honestly, once we do that, it comes off pretty easily. It’s unbecoming, and we can’t wait to peel it off and distance ourselves as far away from it as possible. But it’s hard for us to be humble. We know in our hearts that the meek shall inherit the earth, but from all appearances, it seems that the arrogant have a lock on it. But we don’t serve man. We serve God. We want to be our best for Him so He can give His best to us. And that means going against the status quo. It means being positive when negative people garner all the attention and accolades. It means acknowledging our sin, and overcoming it.

In order to use our talents and gifts to be a blessing, we have to stop prostituting them for convenience. Once we do that, we can sing and write and play our harps, knowing that everything we do is for Him.

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