SuperLife I

I think I saw a tweet about the Giants winning the Superbowl. Congratulations to the New York Giants! I don’t watch football, but I know that those gentlemen put in a ton of effort in order to accomplish that impressive achievement.

This sports holiday unites many Americans, and while you’re digesting your hot wings, chips, dips, and beer, think about the following. It took an enormous amount of time, effort, and sacrifice from each member of both teams to parlay themselves into a position of vying to be the Superbowl champions. They got dirty for those diamond rings. They tackled numerous obstacles to claim that trophy.

Now, what is your goal? In your life and career, what are your Superbowl moments? My most important goal now is making sure my son graduates from college debt-free and ready to live as an adult. That requires me to achieve a few other goals as a mother and in my career. I have a vision of accepting an Oscar for Best Screenplay. It’s on the bucket list I keep in my wallet. I know a lot of people with similar dreams. But I don’t know many who are willing to do the dirty, unrelenting, thankless work to make those dreams a reality.

Last night, I watched my newly teenaged cousin as he delved headfirst into a daydream of driving an expensive luxury car. He talked about where he would go, what he would say to the girls who looked his way, and the all-around swagger he would feel by having acquired this vehicle. My aunt said —

Ooh, y’all got big dreams. You better calm down and get a job.

I love this woman! She is brutally honest, completely old-school, and 99% of the time, she is right. We advocate dreams, visions, and goals on this blog, but at some point you have to take your head out of the dream and put it into the work. Calm down the fantasies. Put them on paper or a vision board. Believe that your goal is waiting for you in your future. Then get to work.

When you get weary from the work, the thankless, tireless hours when no one understands what you’re doing and why, take some time out to look at that dream. Imagine your SuperLife. Imagine your Disney World commercial. Then get your head back in the game so you can make your dreams come true.

Sweetie Pies, on that note, I just want to thank you for your kind words and encouragement as I work my way into my own SuperLife. I appreciate you, and because I know that you are here, the work is rewarding and emotionally gratifying. You are all players in my SuperLife.

3 thoughts on “SuperLife I

  1. I love this! So many times I see people who want so many things and dream about the greatness afterwards but never put in the effort to achieve it. Then these same people a while later are caught saying things never go as planned. Well of course they don’t if your planning doesn’t involve step by step instructions of how to get there. I won’t say I have never been this person either because I know I have. But I have slowly learned it gets you no where! My goal for superlife is to get a house and raise my children to be well mannered, successful adults. After reading this I may be sitting at the drawing board during nap time coming up with ideas and mini goals on how to get there =] Thanks for getting my mind going this morning!

    • Amber, I’ve been this person too! In fact, it’s a day-to-day process. I just try to remember that no one else can help me accomplish my goals if I don’t help myself. I’m sure you’re going to have your house and your kids are going to grow up to be AWESOME! Thanks for reading. :)

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