Good Customer Service is Sexy…and I Am Not


Committed to sexiness.

This is how I love to do Friday night — bobbing my head to Jill Scott’s “Do You Remember Me?” and thinking of two of the sexiest men I’ve met in a while, Albert and Fabian. They are both beautiful men with cute faces, nice bodies, and swagger. However, what really drove me wild about them was their attention to detail, their earnestness in making sure everything was perfect for me, their refusal to let me leave them without my being completely satisfied. I met Albert in Los Angeles, and Fabian in my small North Carolina town, but they both made me feel appreciated in the same way. If every experience was like the experiences I had with each of them, perhaps we wouldn’t be consistently in the position of feeling a little let down and telling our girlfriends later, “Mmmph, it was okay.”

These guys give great…customer service.

During each encounter, my cousin was with me. In both instances, their exceptional customer service prompted a conversation about how rare good service is, and how refreshing and sexy it was to be treated with the highest level of expertise and respect. We wanted to date these guys. We wanted to bring them home to meet our families. And we wanted to do this if for no other reason than to let people we care about know that good guys do exist. Good service still exists. My cousin decided I should write a post about how customers really feel about good customer service. It’s HOT! Seriously, put in the work, and you just might leave with the digits. I, for one, would look forward to a call from a guy who believed in giving the best of himself at his job. It turns me on.

Thank you, Albert and Fabian. You made me feel special, and you taught me something important. We have to put the best part of ourselves into our work. We have to put our passion into our work. Lately, I haven’t done that. I’ve been going through the motions, and as far as my online work is concerned, I just haven’t shown up. That’s not sexy. And Sweetie Pies, I want you to be turned on by me.

I may never be your sexual fantasy, but I started this blog — hell, I started the PIE company and movement — because I wanted to turn you on. I wanted to inspire people. I wanted my readers to know that we struggle together, and we triumph together. I wanted to document the process of transitioning my life to live my dream because I knew that there’d be success on the other side. I knew that I had everything going against me when I began, so why should it surprise me that the struggle is a little more strenuous than the examples I’ve seen and read about?

I’m still everything I said I am in my header. Woman. Christian. Mother. Entrepreneur. Writer. Real. I put those adjectives in that order for a reason. Each one fuels the next. I was a woman before I was Christian. I was a Christian before I was a mother (and because I am a single mom, I felt this was particularly important to note. Jesus didn’t kick me out of the body of Christ because I had sex with my boyfriend in college and got pregnant. He turned it into an opportunity to understand exactly why I have to respect my body. Life blooms here, and real mothers learn through their responsibility to their beautiful surprise of a child.) I was a mother before I was an entrepreneur. I knew I would have to work and write on my terms in order to be the writer I truly wanted to be. And all of those things combine to make me the real person who writes these words, who is committed to turning you on to believing that you can wonderful, positive things in this world. Consider this post my clean-up. I’m putting on my girl-get-your-man dress, curling my hair, and putting on my F-me heels.

Time to clean up. Time to get sexy.



6 thoughts on “Good Customer Service is Sexy…and I Am Not

  1. I love it. You’re sexy, if you weren’t we wouldn’t good customer service. They were winking and flirting with you, not me. So, thank you for being sexy, because HOT guys gave us good customer sevice.

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