One Mom to One Million Moms

I want to thank the One Million Moms organization. Because of your website, I wrote a script yesterday about what I want my brand to symbolize. For months, I tried to come up with something to put on film and came up with nothing. I was coming up empty on how I personally defined being positive. So stumbling across your site gave me much-needed perspective. I have a new goal.

I want One Million Moms to petition my work. Please.

My positive agenda is the unconditional love agenda. It is the agenda to end talk about those people or that lifestyle. My positive agenda is about all people who covet freedom, independence and civil rights. It’s about not being afraid of a little civil disobedience to accomplish the goal. My positive, Christian agenda welcomes and supports the homosexual agenda, the women’s sexual freedom agenda, the minority agenda, the recovering addicts agenda, the mentally ill agenda, and any other agenda that tells the true story of what constitutes real Americans. This is not a threat to your families. These are your families, as they are mine. This is not a threat to your children. It teaches them tolerance and awareness. It eradicates ignorance.


One Million Moms is a force, and I am a single mom with a little-read blog. Because of that, it may be easy to dismiss me. For now. But know this — I’m gaining momentum. And one day, perhaps if your kid tells you he’s gay, or your husband battles a nasty alcohol addiction, or you decide that being sexual is not a sin, you will see what a waste it has been to label others who are bullied or hurt by the hate you heaped upon them. You will realize that the only agenda that has ever really mattered is the one that promotes all people living in freedom, peace, and harmony.

This is the PIE Movement. Feel free to sign up.

Sweetie Pies are talking!

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