Most of the time I know before jumping into something that I’m not the best. Let’s face it, there are some supremely talented people in this world who make what they do seem effortless. I am not one of those people. I’ve rarely won first place in anything, except oratory (which made all of those Ns in Avoids Unnecessary Talking totally worth it).

I’ve been struggling this week to push myself to create more content, here and on YouTube. I’m fully vested in finding work (and a mentor) in the media industry in Atlanta, and perhaps that is why this anxiety is creeping up inside of me. I’ve sent out applications and resumes, and got nothing in return. No phone calls. No emails. I had forgotten how scary job hunting is, especially when you start feeling like you don’t measure up within the ginormous pool of applicants. It’s downright frightening to be so unsure about your future.

Yesterday, I read an article on Entrepreneur.com about breaking through fear and self-doubt. One of the tools the author suggests is taking 10x action. You may not be able to do anything to become the most talented in the group, but you can make a decision to run circles around that person. You can work harder by taking 10 actions to their 1. Because actions usually require follow-up actions, you will put yourself at the top of the group. I decided to give it a try.

I wanted to create a couple of YouTube videos — one of some music, and one where I just talked. I sketched out what I would say on the one and put it away, then quickly learned the chords of the song I wanted to sing so I could pluck it out on my piano (and when I post it, you will see that I do mean pluck). I already knew that it wasn’t going to be the best thing to ever hit YouTube, but I thought by at least practicing it a few times before letting my webcam roll, I would be ahead of the game. WRONG! Of course, my son walks in while I’m practicing and sees my laptop and one puny lamp I pulled over for lighting and just shakes his head.

“Mom, this could be so much better. You’re not doing enough.” I proceed to tell him that I do not have access to a three-piece band, makeup and wardrobe. I have to work with what I have.

“You don’t need all the stuff you’re talking about, but you’re not even using what you do have. Give me 10 minutes.”

In 10 minutes, my living room looked like a studio set. He found a workshop light in our garage, took an additional lamp from his room, set up my digital camera to give me another vantage point, and sat down with my cell phone camcorder to give me a third angle. He then advised me to keep the webcam running so we could get a behind the scenes and blooper reel. I sat at the piano and laughed. This is 10x action. This is next level thinking. And because I don’t have the talent of a goddess, a three-piece band, makeup and wardrobe at my disposal, this is what I must do in order to step up my game. I desperately want to step up my game, Sweetie Pies. We’re editing the footage we shot last night, and shooting the other video today, so I will hopefully have something posted by the beginning of the week.

Lights, camera, 10x ACTION! You’re on.

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