Dreamtime is Over, So Why Are You Hitting the Snooze Button?

I started early this morning with a melody I composed in a dream that had nothing to do with me. It was the first time I heard the melody, but the second time I had the dream. I lay in the bed, immobile for countless minutes while I digested the dream and decided how to proceed.

I pushed the sound recorder on the laptop, recorded the melody, put it in a file called dream hum, and began to get on with the business of my day. But I could not move forward. The hours moved with a swiftness that boggled me, but I managed to get nothing done. I could not let go of the feeling that I was not supposed to keep the dream to myself. It wasn’t about me. It didn’t make sense to me. I needed to take it where it belonged. That person would understand.

I gave the information given via the dream to the person to whom it belonged. She understood what it meant. It was a powerful moment. I still don’t know what the dream meant. It’s not for me to know. I was only supposed to follow directions. Use the melody. Speak life into this woman who constantly, consistently gives. Know that God is in control, that His ways will astound, and that if we allow it, He will do a great work in us, through us, and around us.

Once I talked to the woman, the whole day changed. My family got some much-needed good news. I found the information I had been seeking for some time, and when I put my work and preparation in the mix, I moved forward.

This post may not be for everybody, but I know it’s for someone. If you’ve been holding on to something that belongs to someone else, let it go. Give it to them. As long as you hold on to it, you are interrupting the flow of the universe. If you have a dream that you know is for you, and you have talked your dream to death, it’s time to stop talking. You have rested long enough. It’s time to start doing. It’s time to put your work and preparation into the mix, and stop believing that the dream is enough to move you into your purpose. God honors our faith through word and deed. What did you do today?

It’s time for us to stop hitting the snooze button on our work. We have to stop languishing in our dreams. What will it take to wake us up? Another year of mediocrity and living below our potential? Another moment of making excuses instead of taking charge of the situations we’re facing? Another night of feeling the failure that comes with knowing that you did not do everything possible to turn your dream into something real?

God is tired of our broken promises to ourselves. Sweetie Pies, work your dream.

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