Can You Feel the Shift in the Air?

God is putting good things in place for our lives. We just have to hold to Him with everything we have and believe. Everywhere I go, I see signs of God having the final say over crazy, sad, tragic, depressing, empty, and even dead situations. All week, people have called, emailed, Facebooked and grabbed my hands to tell me about something significant that had recently changed for the better in their lives.

This is our season, Sweetie Pies. I could not go to sleep tonight without letting you know. Stay encouraged. Whatever it is God has placed on your heart that may not make sense in the natural, is for you. The low times are when God strengthens us. God requires a firm foundation in order to provide a lasting blessing. God loves you, and your blessing is on its way.

You are in my heart and my thoughts. I am praying for your breakthrough.

One thought on “Can You Feel the Shift in the Air?

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