Working (and Experimenting?) in Your Faith

Yesterday, I read a post from Life & Business Coach Kachelle Kelly that I literally chanted in order to get through my day. If you don’t follow her on Facebook or Twitter, please take the time to do so. She is the real deal, and a consistent blessing in her encouragement.

God is no respecter of men, what He can do for me & others, He can do for you. The difference is your level of desire, committment & willingness to “work” at your faith! (Kachelle Kelly, via Facebook)

I hear the word faith too often used in a way that could be interchanged with any tangible item. Honestly, a lot of people feel that they must have socks. Things will change if you just hold on to your money or house. Faith has gotten to be a status symbol of sorts. Religious people look down on people who do not seem to have it. “Mmmph, if you’re feeling that depressed you must not have any faith.”

Faith — substance of things hoped for, evidence of things not seen — cannot be toted around like a Louis Vuitton or driven like a Mercedes right over hurting people in the name of Jesus. It is simply the practice of putting the word of God into action. And if you ever believed in anything good, even if it was for someone else, then you too have faith. And, !hallelujah!, Jesus meets us where we are. When we get to a point in our spiritual journey in which we are knowledgeable about faith through experience and education, we have an obligation to show faith in a responsible manner. It matters less that you have faith, and more that faith has you. It matters less that you’re telling everyone within earshot about your stylish, sexy faith, and more that you’re showing it by working in God’s purpose for you when no one around you sees His promise over your life. If we were in kindergarten, faith would be all-show and no-tell.

In faith, I asked a group of my writer friends via Facebook to create something based on this thought-provoking post from David Kanigan (whose posts do wonders in lifting one’s spirit). It’s not the first (or even tenth) time I’ve seen this piece, but in conjunction with the idea of working diligently in faith, it took on a new hue. I’m venturing to say that they may be waiting for me to take the plunge first. Below, please find my faith at work.

The Courage of an Intimate Moment 

Too many days

I speak to you

without my voice

not holding

your scent in my nostrils

not feeling

that scar from

a fourth-grade bully

Too many days

I come close

to blurting

out my love

for you

my great hope

of your future


but I cower

instead in front

of screens

where casts of thousands

follow my thoughts

and like

the words

that were only


for you.

7 thoughts on “Working (and Experimenting?) in Your Faith

  1. That was another excellent post today. Thanks so much for sharing. Keep up the fantastic job.

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  2. LaMonique!!!

    You look Gorgeous!!! Right after reading this I went and liked Kachelle Facebook Page

    I have been on retreat and Honey!!! Remember we talked about Mom’s and their need to be encouraged and supported from all the nonsense; well, take a peek at what God has lead me to do:, moms spiritual excercises – site is still a work in process: , and my FB page:

    Now Girl, dish: How did you get the piehole magazine tab to be as it is?

    Hope to hear from you soon :*

    • Patty!!! I’m so happy to hear from you. I love everything that you are doing to help us moms on our spiritual journey. Everything looks wonderful! Just let me know what I can do to help, if anything, and I’m in.

      Now, as for the tab: from the Dashboard, go to Appearance and click on Menus. It will give you an option to create a custom link. Just plop the site address in there and name the tab. That should do it. If you run into any problems, let me know.

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